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In a celebrated interview with Ted Koppel of NBC News, Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly boasted about his network’s daytime “hard news” and the dearth of same on another cable channel.

“MSNBC doesn’t do one hour of hard news. It’s all, ‘Let’s push the liberal Democratic agenda from sign-on to sign-off,” he said.

Then heads should be rolling soon at MSNBC, because Chuck Todd this morning violated company programming mandates. He did some research to stick it to Obama reelection campaign aide Stephanie Cutter. In 2004, Todd said, then-President George W. Bush held “a slew” of meetings with foreign leaders during the run-up to the presidential election. What about Obama’s far-less-impressive showing on the same front, Todd asked Cutter. She gave some rote answer and then sent the punting team onto the field. “These are questions for my colleagues at the White House,” said Cutter.