The Daily Caller’s Neil Munro overcame his exacting schedule to turn in an appearance last night on Fox News’s “Hannity.” In this nurturing environment, Munro thrived. His interruptions at Friday afternoon’s presidential address, Munro suggested, were tied to the question of presidential accountability:

The only way to ask him a question at these events is to get him at the end as he’s leaving, just before he dashes back to the Oval Office. And I, yes, I mistimed it. I thought I was getting him at the end and frankly I was wrong about that.

In one breath, host Sean Hannity unloaded a quadripartite question: “Have you heard from the White House? Do you expect any sort of retribution? Did you try to apologize? Is there any update to the situation?”

Munro said that he’d asked if the White House wanted to chat about the situation. He hadn’t heard back, so he’ll “proceed per normal, working on new stories, working on new angles, see what there is.”

So, no apology. And therein lies a great opportunity. The guy has already admitted his timing was wrong, meaning that it’s just a small step to saying, “I’m sorry.” A nicely phrased apology would have the fortunate effect of freezing all the discussion of Munro’s rudeness. Then the focus could turn to the larger question of presidential access and accountability. By refusing to craft a mea culpa, the Daily Caller and Munro are doing the White House a favor.

In his Fox segment, Munro didn’t interrupt Hannity a single time. Excellent TV.