At a time when the political system is fracturing over petty disputes, it’s nice to see the Fourth Estate coming together for a common purpose.

This week, the New York Post wrote an ambitious story about the presidential campaign of Mitt Romney losing donors to Michele Bachmann because they mistakenly believe she is Jewish.

The story had little in the way of corroborating sources, so we here at the Erik Wemple Blog decided to pitch in and help, calling various donors and political types who could lend perspective on the matter. Now another assist comes from elsewhere in the media brotherhood: New York Magazine has taken to the donor lists as well, with the following results:

After sending out eight e-mails to our most promising and easily contactable Jews, we heard back from four, who were all, in fact, Jews, but none of who claimed to be confused about Bachmann’s religion. Instead, they all seemed to have gravitated toward Bachmann for the same reasons as non-Jewish Bachmann supporters — namely, socialism.

Thanks, New York, for your work on this front. We’ll get there yet.