Amanpour bolting ‘This Week,’ according to Twitter fiend. (Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for TIME) (Stephen Lovekin/GETTY IMAGES FOR TIME WARNER)

I’m hearing that Amanpour is formally out of “This Week” -- though only from a single source -- are you hearing the same? 212-556-4668

As the text suggests, that tweet wasn’t supposed to be a tweet. It was supposed to be a DM, as Stelter later explained via a tweet:

On Sunday @PageSix said Amanpour “may soon” leave “This Week:” I tried to send a DM about it, but screwed up. Sorry.

About an hour later, Stelter had that critical second source, and up went a story on the New York Times website saying “Amanpour Said to be Leaving ‘This Week.’” The story stands as a monument to the value of creative error. In an interview that lasted about as long as it might take Stelter to update his feed, the reporter said that if he hadn’t announced the preliminary results of his reporting to the entire world, “I think I would be still slogging away.”

That individual whom Stelter intended to DM, he says, never responded to his inquiries. But he had luck on other fronts thanks in part to the unintentional public call for assistance. Barring the mistake, says Stelter, the story would have been delayed “maybe minutes or hours and not days.”