Reuters’s Jack Shafer last week wrote a column distinguishing between two classes of newspaper assets. You have the physical assets, consisting of real estate and equipment and the like. Then you have what are called goodwill assets, which Shafer describes as the “newspaper’s standing in the community and the habit of advertisers and subscribers of giving it money.”

The video above shows goodwill assets in operation. Just how much standing does the New York Post have in the community? Enough that the Metro-North train engineer is willing to risk his job for it. He’s flipping through the paper as the train flies down the tracks in the direction of Grand Central Terminal, per a video taken by passenger John Bingham.

What is good for the engineer’s newspaper could well be bad will for his commuting passengers. “[T]his behavior is unacceptable,” a spokesperson for the MTA told the New York Post. The engineer, says the paper, has been suspended without pay.