In case you missed it — We’d heard that Mark Plotkin had a knack for erupting on his colleagues at WTOP radio. And we knew that his temper caused his separation from WTOP last week. But was it a newsroom blow-up that served as Plotkin’s last straw? No. It was a building-lobby blow-up; the famed local commentator and tireless champion of D.C. statehood yelled at the cleaning crew.

Also: Did you know that not long before the 60 Minutes segment on House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, a PAC run by CBS contributed to a PAC affiliated with Cantor?


*Ross Douthat writes that the “press even takes a strange sort of delight in being ruthlessly attacked” by the likes of Newt Gingrich.

*More explosive revelations in the phone-hacking scandal, if indeed the word “explosive” still carries any meaning in the confines of this story. Turns out that the all-telling e-mail that warned James Murdoch about the extent of the phone-hacking at News of the World was deleted from company servers just days before a police investigation.

But yesterday it was revealed that lawyers for News International have admitted to MPs that the email was deleted from Mr Murdoch’s account by an IT worker on January 15, 2011 — eleven days before the Metropolitan Police launched Operation Weeting into accusations of phone hacking.

[News of the World editor Colin] Myler’s copy of the email, which was sent after the decision to settle a court case with footballers’ union chief Gordon Taylor, was also removed from the system in a ‘hardware failure,’ the lawyers added.

*Bob Kravitz expresses shock that Super Bowl Media Day has turned into an enormous spectacle.

*Looks like Yahoo has a White House correspondent.

*CNN’s Wolf Blitzer reveals in an interview that: He wants to keep doing this stuff for a long time; debate overkill is nonsense (correct); he runs five miles a day on a treadmill (get some fresh air, Wolf!); he drinks one coffee a day, sometimes two (I’ll bet he drinks two more often than he’d like to admit); reporters should moderate the debates (yes); he doesn’t have a “Situation Room” at home (bummer).

*Nearly 12 minutes of glorious debate on race and politics in America on MSNBC, below. It’s Rick Tyler, of the pro-Newt Gingrich super PAC Winning our Future, vs. Al Sharpton, not to mention Rachel Maddow. After much heated back and forth over whether Gingrich has brought race into the campaign and whether he has been dog-whistling, here’s a nice little moment:

Tyler: “Al, you’re arguing with yourself. I’m agreeing with you.”

Sharpton: “No, you’re not.”