In case you missed it---Just what problem could Chris Christie possibly have with Washington Post columnist/MSNBC contributor Eugene Robinson. Sure, Robinson wrote months ago that Christie had a serious weight problem, but Christie knows that. Robinson wrote that that very problem is shared by many Americans and that it’s a crisis, but Christie knows that. Robinson also advised Christie to have a salad and take a walk, but Christie knows that’s sound advi---hold on! Apparently that’s what has Christie really mad. Mad enough, anyhow, that he called Robinson an “ignoramus” on MSNBC yesterday.

Also: Glenn Beck said yesterday that he “can’t tell you what the future holds.” Doesn’t that qualify as a flip-flop for the prophetic Glenn Beck?


●Rush Limbaugh, drawing a stark contrast between the Republican presidential candidates and President Obama. “Every one of them is a fine human being; every one of them is a decent person; every one of them is an average American in their own way. Obama is not; his wife is not.”

● goes analytical on Amazon’s difficulties with plagiarism. In the company’s Kindle store, some robustly selling works are actually e-books that scammers have copied from other authors and simply slapped a different title on top of. Says Amazon:

Since the launch of Kindle, we have worked steadily to build processes to detect and remove books that either violate copyright or don’t improve the customer experience. Over time, we’ve rejected or removed thousands of such offending titles, and we expect to keep improving our approach to protect the service we provide to both Kindle readers and authors/publishers.

●The next step for the not-coordinating-with-Stephen-Colbert Stephen Colbert super PAC: Running a hit on Stephen Colbert.

●Next time, the Republican Party, the Romney people and conservative Americans need to find someone other than Bay Buchanan to lock polemical horns with Andrew Sullivan. Because she’s not getting it done. Yesterday, CNN’s Anderson Cooper had these two on his program to discuss Sullivan’s much-discussed recent Newsweek story titled “Why are Obama’s critics so dumb?” Sullivan started out with a breakdown of his argument, at which point Cooper turned to Buchanan, introduced as a senior Romney adviser, for her take. Aside from “Obama,” the first figure she invoked was, well, have a look at the transcript:

If these reckless deficits he’s running up, the uncontrolled spending, if 25 million unemployed or underemployed Americans is part of Obama’s master plan, then maybe Rush Limbaugh is right. Maybe he is trying to destroy America.

Things didn’t improve for Buchanan over the seven-minute segment. She fell flat on her face when she alleged that in early 2010, Obama became culpable for the economic mess he’d inherited. At that very point, argued Buchanan, his economic team stepped in and slowed the American economy down. Sullivan intervened and asked a simple question: What policies of Obama’s slowed the recovery? Buchanan, referencing a talking point dished out by the right-wing commissary, said this: “The huge, outrageous spending...”

Sullivan snapped, “Spending? Spending actually helps growth in the short term.” Buchanan tried to sneak in an argument about how all that spending “unnerves the market, it unnerves Americans.”