Editors have lots of jobs. They must assign a bunch of stories, then head home. They must say, “This needs a nut graph.” They must gobble up editorial resources with their salaries. And: They must keep their reporters from laying bare their envy when they get scooped on a story.

Clearly something broke down on that last front at the New Hampshire Union Leader. From a story about a decision by the Jon Huntsman campaign to move its headquarters from Florida to New Hampshire:

The former Utah governor and former Obama administration Ambassador to China hopes to use momentum from what he hopes is a strong showing in New Hampshire to do well in succeeding primaries and caucuses.

Ironically, though, the first media outlet the Huntsman campaign informed of its move to New Hampshire and renewed focus on New Hampshire was The New York Times. The campaign later issued a brief press release to Granite State New Hampshire media outlets.

The Times said the move will include staff layoffs in Florida “to eliminate duplication and focus limited resources on organizing efforts in New Hampshire.”

An ancient law of PR is working against the Union Leader in this case. No matter whether they get the story first or 15th, New Hampshire news outlets are going play this story big. The New York Times, on the other hand, may well ignore it or play it down it. Unless, of course, it gets an exclusive.