Leon Goldenberg was quoted last week in a New York Post story about Michele Bachmann’s surprise appearance in New York to meet with a group of Jewish leaders:

Bachmann ... scored high marks among many in the room.

“She’s really a very interesting person, very personable,” said Leon Goldenberg of Goldmont Realty Corp. in Brooklyn. “She comes across more shrill on TV. She’s certainly making a lot of waves. She has to be taken seriously.”

Yet the New York Post didn’t quote Goldenberg on its scoop of the week — namely, that Jewish GOP donors have been giving to Bachmann because they perceive her as Jewish.

If the paper had run such a quote, here’s how it would have read: “I don’t believe for a moment that she’s Jewish — no, no ... I mean, she’s clearly a Christian.” Goldenberg, president of Brooklyn’s Goldmont Realty, says he’s neither GOP nor a donor but that he does admire Bachmann’s stance on Israel. “She saw what Israelis live through on a daily basis,” says Goldenberg, referring to the time Bachmann spent living on a kibbutz. “I don’t think any other candidate had gone through this.”