Millions of Americans raised an eyebrow on Sunday morning as the joint project between the New York Post and the Erik Wemple Blog over Michele Bachmann’s Jewish confusion crossed into a new medium. David Folkenflik’s “News Tips” program on NPR profiled the NYP-EWB collaboration, with a sprinkling of edge.

Folkenflik pointed out that the New York Post debuted the story about Jewish donors favoring Bachmann because they perceive her as Jewish and took note that the Erik Wemple Blog has been trying to firm up the piece.

Then comes the elbow. As Folkenflik says, “It would have been nice for the Post to do” its own “original reporting.”

The Erik Wemple Blog pauses to note that Folkenflik is speaking for himself. The Erik Wemple Blog renders no judgement whatsoever on what the New York Post should have done prior to publishing its story. The Erik Wemple Blog is simply happy to lend a hand to the New York Post in strengthening the piece.