(Entertainment Tonight)

Tune in to “ET” tonight for more, and tune in tomorrow night to hear the Obamas talk about their romance and their oldest daughter Malia starting high school this fall.

All of which contextualizes the photo above, of O’Dell in full camera-posing embrace with the Obamas. Note the smiles and warmth here, a camaraderie that you only find at softball games. Comments a CBS News veteran: “Very cheesy. Very very cheesy. Shouldn’t happen. If you want to have a photog take pics during the interview, have at it. Promotional, etc. But posed photos with your interview subject, all smiles? Bad idea. I guess it is “ET,” so it’s not news.”

The president is already getting some much-deserved hammering in the media over his choice of media. Kevin Madden, a senior adviser to the Mitt Romney campaign, this morning told the Erik Wemple Blog, “Look at the contrast, with Gov. Romney sitting down with ‘CBS This Morning’ while President Obama was sitting down with a non-news outlet like Entertainment Tonight.”

With words like that, the Romney people may well dash their chances of a sweet interview-cum-happy-photo-op with O’Dell