Rush Limbaugh, like many outlets in conservative media, has settled on a crowd-pleasing smear against those who participate in the Occupy Wall Street movement. They’re a bunch of overprivileged kids living off of their parents’ wealth. In the following clip, Limbaugh calls them “bored trust-fund kids.”

Huh, and here I thought that Limbaugh loved trust-fund kids. That he protected them. That he favored their multiplication.

After all, in summer 2010 Limbaugh was lamenting the fact that the federal government was slated to reinstate a hefty 55 percent tax on the estates of the wealthiest Americans, a move that stood to slash the bank accounts of trust-funders-in-waiting all across the country. Limbaugh deplored the anti-trust-funder measure, suggesting that people would “move their death forward so their families don’t have to pay their estate tax.”

That riff prompted this riff, by a commentator who suggested that Limbaugh take his own advice and move his death forward to save his people on tax payments.

Limbaugh and his ilk should feel free to trash wealthy protesters. Given his own bank account, he should have no trouble recognizing them. Yet if he wants to tread on the question of trust funds, he needs to includes this disclaimer:

In fairness, I should note that I support and promote federal tax policies that enable and nurture trust-fund kids.