Fox News personality Stuart Varney knows exactly what to say when he gets on “Fox & Friends.” Just after being introduced on this morning’s edition, the business specialist got down to business:

Varney slam on Obama #1: “The president is being forced to play defense [on gas prices]. . . . Three polls . . . all saying the president’s approval ratings are down because of his handling and response to the gas-price spike. . . . I think he looks a little desperate, quite frankly. He’s got no answers.”

Varney slam on Obama #2: “President Bush opened up all kinds of areas to drilling. President Obama closed them down.”

Varney slam on Obama #3:”Well, how about green energy? . . . Show me a success in his green-energy policy. . . . If there’s been an increase in juice, energy supplied from green sources, it’s minuscule.”

Varney slam on Obama #4: “What do you get if you beat up on oil companies, which is what the president’s been doing? You get higher gas prices. What do you do if you beat up on the banks, which the president’s been doing? You get more expensive banking services for everybody, especially the middle class and the poor.”

The takeaway from Varney’s appearance? 1) He doesn’t think highly of the president’s work on gas prices and industrial policy; 2) Three guys sitting around on a cable news set and agreeing about everything — that doesn’t make for compelling television.

And it doesn’t matter from which end of the political spectrum the consensus chatter comes. Last week, for instance, completed its hoax about Obama’s law-school radicalism. Upon the occasion three guys got together on MSNBC and agreed wholeheartedly on just about every aspect of it. Again, uncompelling stuff: