Fox News host Bill O’Reilly took to the camera on Thursday night to pronounce his self-satisfaction. On his “Talking Points” segment, O’Reilly bellowed:

Talking Points has been dead on in assessing the Occupy movement from the beginning. We predicted there'd be death. There has been. We predicted crime would flourish. It has. And we predicted the cost to the taxpayer would be enormous. That has come true as well.

After some more anti-Occupy venom, O’Reilly concludes this way: “So here’s another prediction: More people will die.”

Fact check: That’s not really “another prediction” so much as it is an extension of the original “death” prediction. Given what I read in the obits section of my morning newspaper every day, it’s a pretty safe one, too. And if I didn’t have other evidence that O’Reilly is a decent human being, I would almost go so far as to suggest that he’d be disappointed if more people don’t die. But I won’t.