Another installment in our Good Joe McGinniss/Bad Joe McGinniss series.

Time for good.

In writing “The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin,” McGinniss ended up searching on some pretty well-trodden tundra. Everyone has written about Palin, and in 2008 a number of investigative stories exposed the ins and outs of her Alaskan political career.

So McGinniss had to punch up the storytelling, at the very least. On this front he delivers, as the following example reflects.

Early in the book, McGinniss reports on Palin’s admiration for Mary Glazier, whom he describes as “no two-bit local prayer group leader.” He points out that Palin and her people:

supported Glazier in her wide range of activities, one of which was to free Alaska from the spell of demonic witchcraft.

Glazier had already claimed one scalp. She said God had advised her that a particular applicant for a chaplain’s job in Alaska’s state prison system was a demon. She organized an “intercessory” prayer group that called upon the Holy Spirit to destroy the witch.

The result? “Her car engine blew up, she went blind in her left eye, and she was diagnosed with cancer,” Glazier told SpiritLed Woman magazine in 2003, adding that the chaplain/witch was forced to leave Alaska to seek medical treatment for the ailments Glazier had inflicted upon her in the name of God.

Having accomplished that, how hard could it be to make Sarah mayor of Wasilla?

Great Joe right there.