Name me an instance in which Sarah Palin hopped on Fox News for a segmenty chat and refrained from issuing a lazy and tired indictment of the media. Her consistency continued on Tuesday night’s “On the Record w/ Greta Van Susteren.” The host lamented that both campaigns were indulging in attacks, as opposed to substance, teeing up Palin boilerplate:

We’re not absent from an accurate message about how to get the economy back on the right track coming from the Romney campaign but because the media so willingly protects Barack Obama and his failed policies, it’s tough through the filter of the mainstream media to hear that message. That’s why voters need to do their own homework....Thus far, Barack Obama, because of the lap dogs in the media protecting him and being such experts in distracting the American voter with irrelevant issues that continue to bombard voters — because of what the media has done to protect Barack Obama thus far, Obama has had to pay no price for his failed policies.

Two points: 1) Far from suppressing coverage of Mitt Romney’s proposals, the media have been asking for more details, more substance, on them; 2) Palin is entitled to her impression of how the media treatObama. And so is the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism, which this past spring released a systematic study of coverage of the candidates. One sentence therefrom: “Of all the presidential candidates studied in this report, only one figure did not have a single week in 2012 when positive coverage exceeded negative coverage—the incumbent, Democrat Barack Obama.”