In a chat with Neil Cavuto of Fox Business Network, Sarah Palin issues a prediction right after last night’s debate. “Ninety percent of the liberal media — the lamestream media — they’re going to say, of course, that Barack Obama won the debate.”

Though Palin is generally crafty enough to make highly squishy statements about stuff, this one is slightly fact-checkable. Running down just a few of the institutions commonly associated with media mainstreamness, we discover that perhaps Palin needs to recalibrate just a touch:

New York Times: “Polls show a strong debate for Romney.”

Washington Post: “Romney goes on offense, forcing Obama to defend record

Washington Post: The Fix column declares Mitt Romney the winner, Barack Obama the loser.

ABC News: “Romney Comes Out Swinging”

CBS News: “Romney’s big night

NBC News: Romney “feisty, long on ideas