The efforts of the Huffington Post to find a decent title for its parenting blog appears to be at an end. “Parentry” it is.

The pageview machine arrived at this title through an embarrassing, public spectacle. Parenting blogger Lisa Belkin came to HuffPo from the New York Times, where she’d written the Motherlode blog. In a lame try to keep her branding intact, the Huffers tried to name her new channel ”Parentlode.” Cue game-show buzzer sound.

After the Times screamed “trademark,” HuffPo sloughed the blog-naming work on the public. And that move required a heavy round of filtering, thanks to suggestions such as this sixteen-for-the-price-of-one offering:

Kid Ovation

Kid Nation

Parent Hash

Parental Guidance

Mothering Made Easy

First You Exhale

The Mothership

Winning Parenthood

Super Mom/Super Kid

Allies in Parenting

The Child Whisperer

Managing Motherhood

From Pablum to Pizza

The Dog Ate My Sanity

No More Ms. Nice Mom

Kid Map

Somehow the HuffPoers spent enough time in the pile to find “Parentry,” a winner by any standard: cleverness, clarity, concision.

Question is, has HuffPo done its trademark-searching homework this time? Most definitely, says HuffPo spokesperson Mario Ruiz.