A whole lot of nothing goes on during the daylight hours at the Republican National Convention, giving commentators plenty of time to blame the media for anything that has gone wrong. Wednesday on Fox News, Giuliani leveraged that dynamic for such attacks, telling Fox News personality Neil Cavuto that the media was to blame for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s miserable keynote performance of Tuesday night. The former New York mayor told Fox News (via Politico):

“They don’t like his message, they don’t like what he’s trying to do and they certainly don’t want to see [Mitt] Romney win. So they gotta tear down something. They couldn’t really tear down Mrs. Romney’s speech. First of all, it would have been insensitive to attack her. Second, she gave a great speech and it would have been very hard to attack her. So they pick on Chris, who is a target.

In case you’re wondering what “they” refers to here, it’s people who make a living writing and talking about politics.

Wednesday night, Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan delivered a speech with highs and lows, engaging the crowd in key moments in between showing occasional rhythm problems (too much AC/DC?) and kicking up a factual issue or two.

A prayer for Thursday: That people can deliver critical assessments of the Ryan address without prompting charges of media bias. Given what went on with the Christie reaction on Wednesday, that would amount to a ship sailing on yesterday’s wind.