In the video above, Politico Editor-in-Chief John Harris says “stupid” so many times that he begins to sound that way. He’s chatting on the otherwise excellent Politico TV about a Politico story: “How much do voters know?”

Written by Alexander Burns and topped with a photo of Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump, the piece could just as easily be titled: “Why aren’t voters as brilliant as Politico staffers?” Its thesis comes in this sentence: ”And ‘fickle’ is a nice way of describing the voters of 2012, who appear to be wandering, confused and Forrest Gump-like through the experience of a presidential campaign.” Those words will hang nicely in the Beltway Snobbery Hall of Fame.

Harris congratulated himself on the story’s use of the photo of Gump, a character who he says “represents the sort of ignorant voters out there who are saying these wacky things in the polls.” Stroke of pop culture genius right there.