Sixth in a series of articles on Politico’s story “To GOP, Blatant Bias in Vetting.”

Readers of this series may come away with the impression that last Thursday’s Politico story titled “To GOP, Blatant Bias in Vetting” is pocked with journalistic and factual laziness on every line. That would be an unfair impression: Various parts of the story withstand a vetting of their own. Those include this passage:

Republicans cry “bias” so often it feels like a campaign theme. It is, largely because it fires up conservatives and diminishes the punch of legitimate investigative or narrative journalism.

And this passage:

And coverage suggesting he is mean or extravagant can soak in, even though voters who took the time to weigh the details might dismiss the storyline.

Not to mention this passage:

The reality is that presidential nominees get every chapter of their lives exhumed and prodded — and should.

And this passage:

Ari Fleischer, the former press secretary to President George W. Bush

And finally:

As for the Times coverage, Richard Stevenson, political editor of The New York Times, emailed

Unimpeachable, all of it.

Jim VandeHei did not respond to a request for comment.

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