(J. Scott Applewhite/Associated Press)

Republicans wisely jumped on a comment that Vice President Biden made today on a campaign stop in Charlotte:

How they can justify — how they can justify raising taxes on the middle class that’s been buried the last four years. How in the Lord’s name can they justify raising their taxes with these tax cuts?”

If you say so, Joe was the approximate Republican response. Former New Hampshire governor John Sununu hopped on a conference call to make sure the media had enough material to turn the Biden remark into a full-on story. Sununu’s haymakers reflected the acuity gained from a long season of advocating for Romney. “Thank you, Vice President Biden — for the first time in a long time, you are right.”

The topic and Sununu’s riffs provided reporters an opportunity to talk about economic policies, poverty and the like. Or perhaps update their horse-race stories.

A look at questions that Sununu fielded:

How will the Romney campaign’s jumping on the remark change people’s minds?
Can you explain why the Granite State Poll was flawed?
Are you going to be asking Vice President Biden to stump for you?
How do you guys see tomorrow night for Romney? Make or break?