For three years, Matt Terl managed something that few writers could do or would want to do: Provide day-in, day-out coverage of a franchise that doubles as your beat and your employer. As official Redskins blogger, Terl covered the players, the facilities, the personalities, the issues — all in a way that didn’t bear the stink and taint of someone on the inside.

Now he’s gone. According to Redskins spokesperson Tony Wyllie, Terl has fallen victim to a “restructuring” of the team’s department of broadcasting and Internet.

Will the team hire a replacement? “We’ll announce what we’re doing once everything’s all set,” says Wyllie. Pressed further, Wyllie offered the Standard Executive’s Personnel-Matter Comment Exemption.

When asked what’s up, Terl said he’s “guessing I’m laid off. It’s not for performance or anything of that nature.” His last post is about a fifth-round draft pick’s thoughts on the movie “Captain America: The First Avenger.”

“That’s a staggeringly dumb last post,” says Terl.

He posted this note on his Facebook page:

“As of this past Friday, I’m no longer employed by the Washington Redskins. It was their choice, not mine, but it was an amicable parting.

This is a sudden change and I’m not yet sure what’s next, but my family and I are eager to find out. Thanks to everyone for the support during these last three years.”