As discussed in a previous Erik Wemple blog, Fox News personnel face strict rules when it comes to talking to outside reporters. Fox News chief Roger Ailes, of course, has a bit more freedom on that front.

Chris Ariens, a reporter with TV Newser, managed to wrangle a one-on-one interview with Ailes, in which the 72-year-old network boss indicates why he signed a new contract instead of hanging it up. His response:

Too much pressure on me to leave. Too many people who’d been happy if I left, finally pissed me off. If everybody’d shut up I probably would have quietly gone off.

He went on about his detractors: “They actually are what they accuse me of being. They think I’m a political animal. I understand my politics, and I understand their politics better than they do.”

Talk about personifying a network. There’s pique, arrogance and freewheeling fun in Ailes’s comments, not unlike in his prime-time lineup.