Since leaving the highest horse in journalism ethics, Jim Romenesko has produced nonstop media news at his own site, in the haste to post and post and post, Romenesko runs a slight risk of leaving judgment behind.

As in an item today about a bizarre media tiff in Florida. Turns out that Florida Attorney General Angela Corey attacked Folio Weekly reporter Susan Eastman for some critical reporting. Corey reportedly said of Eastman:

I understand why she is what she is. I understand her need to spit venom. I do. I finally saw her for the first time.

Romenesko apparently doesn’t deem Corey pretty enough to deliver that insult — the item features pictures of both. The URL reads, in part, “pot-calling-the-kettle-black.” You can see where this game is headed. “What does this lead to . . . an endless loop of commentating on whether Romenesko is hot enough to comment on the looks of Corey commenting on the looks of Eastman?” writes via e-mail Amanda Hess of Good magazine.

When asked for his take on this, Romenesko responds via e-mail: “i’d give a comment but I’m off to a sensitivity training session. Hoping to see ms Corey there too.”