Mitt Romney, stipulator? (Grace Beahm/AP)

Thus far the only statement from Mitt Romney’s campaign on the interview conditions that it imposed on a Denver CBS affiliate is this:

“This is not how we operate. The matter is being addressed.” — Romney campaign source.

Interpretation of those words could go in opposite directions: 1) It’s a denial, and the campaign is scolding the TV station for a false report; 2) It’s an assurance to the public that telling a TV station that the Republican presidential candidate won’t handle questions on abortion and Rep. Todd Akin doesn’t comport with its MO.

Preliminary indications suggest that the campaign is pursuing the latter approach. The no-abortion, no-Akin stipulations preceded a Romney interview with Denver CBS station KCNC-TV. In my earlier chat with KCNC news director Tim Wieland, I learned that the Romney campaign had called the station to talk about the affair. “We owe them a call back,” says Wieland.

Over the last hour, that call went down. Wieland says that the official with whom he spoke made clear that the campaign doesn’t believe in interview conditions and the like. Wieland heard the same talking point that’s out there in the news: “They just said, ‘This isn’t how we operate,’” says Wieland.

The campaign official, says Wieland, wanted to know the backstory of the interview and how things were negotiated. Wieland provided all the details and moved on. Asked if it sounded as if the Romney campaign was investigating itself, Wieland said that’s how it sounded.