If there’s one person out there who could verify the New York Post’s story about Michele Bachmann being mistaken for a Jew, it’s Mel Sembler. Check out the bona fides: Sembler, a Florida businessman, did ambassador stints under the first Bush administration (Australia) and the second Bush administration (Italy). He’s a member of the Republican Jewish Coalition. A longtime GOP fundraiser, he is now on Mitt Romney’s national finance team, an ideal perch from which to assess whether the New York Post was right in saying that donors have spurned Romney for Bachmann over Jewish confusion.

So, Sembler, have you seen any such desertions? “No,” he says, adding that he’s seen a “few people leave us and go over to Rick Perry.”

He continues: “I do interface with a lot of Jewish Republicans, and I have yet to hear a single Republican” mention any Bachmann-Romney Jewish confusion theme. “The first time I’ve heard of it is from you, and I hear a lot of stuff out there in my work,” says Sembler.

The whole notion triggered a notion for Sembler: “You could spread the rumor around, though, that Mitt Romney is Jewish,” he jokes. “I hadn’t thought about that.”