CNN’s Piers Morgan had the always-steady libertarian on his show last night and pulled off some good TV. He quizzed Paul about that tweet regarding Jon Huntsman while Hunstman himself was listening in. A split screen showed his reaction to Paul’s explanation for the episode.

Morgan nailed the question:

I’ve got your old friend Jon Huntsman coming on in a moment. And you gave him a good old jab on Twitter last night and then deleted it and have discounted any responsibility. What would you like to say to Jon Huntsman? Want to apologize for saying you’ve found his one Iowa voter?

Paul should have just said “no.” Because that’s what he ended up saying anyhow, via these words:

That was done through staff. It was supposed to be good humor. And, I mean, I just didn’t think that was a big deal.... I was in the midst of a rally or speech when that was going on.... It was supposed to be something, you know, a little high-spirited, a little funny.

Again on point, Morgan pushed Paul on the pattern in which his people write errant things under his name. Paul responded with dodges so lame as to not merit repeating.