In the clip above, CNN’s Ali Velshi presses Ron Paul on some racially inflammatory scribblings that appeared in newsletters years ago under the name of the Republican presidential candidate. Paul responded that he didn’t write the stuff and that he’d disavowed the opinions long ago.

With that unpleasantness cleared up, the men turned to the subject of media bias. For proof that he’s gotten shafted on this front, Paul refers Velshi to the work of Jon Stewart, who “mocked the media for the way they’ve treated me during the campaign.”

Then came the shrug-off: “But I don’t get upset about that. That’s just the way you guys work. So it’s no big deal to me, it’s just the way ...”

So he’s cool with how the media operates. Totally cool, no problems whatsoever.

Then, a bit later in the interview, Paul expresses uncoolness with how the media operates. Still apparently seething that Velshi had hit him with those racially loaded newsletters, Paul challenges Velshi and his peers to “go look at why I made a lot of comments about the war on drugs and how racist the enforcement of drug laws are. I mean who else ...”

At that point, Velshi says, “I know you do, I know you do, we follow ...”

Then Paul: “Yeah, you know, you don’t, you don’t, you’re concentrating on something else. So somebody someday ought to look at the whole picture, rather than picking out something I didn’t write and had disavowed.” In saying those words, Paul comes off as incensed.

So, Ron Paul: Consistent on civil liberties, federal spending, the war on drugs, foreign policy. Inconsistent on whether he considers media practices a big deal.