Anyone who cares about the last decade of American history must watch the video below of former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld with al-Jazeera English Washington bureau chief Abderrahim Foukara.

They get into it over the history of the Iraqi war, specifically troop levels when coalition forces stormed Baghdad. Rumsfeld doesn’t like Foukara’s attitude and seems to have decided what type of guy Foukara is, saying that his “pejorative” spin on the defense secretary’s answers reflect his “being.” “You are of that nature. It’s clear that your being, that you like to do that.” and that he’s “true to form.” Just what “form” he’s talking about

Foukara, meanwhile, shows little diplomacy in posing his questions, saying “give me a straight answer” and “just give me an answer.” I, too, would have pushed back had I been Rumsfeld.

Rumsfeld: “You’re haranguing. That’s what you’re doing.”

Everyone, keep a close watch on Rumsfeld’s Twitter handle. He’s sure to dump his al-Jazeera subscription any moment now.