It’s not always what Rush Limbaugh says. It’s not always what he doesn’t say, either. Sometimes it’s what he almost says. In the audio above, the radio host holds forth on the story about Newt Gingrich’s request to have an “open marriage” with his ex-wife Marianne. Limbaugh goes off on how the media hasn’t directed such scrutiny at, say, the president of the United States:

How about all the sex stories from Obama’s former girlfriends? Duh. That’s right, what story — what former girlfriends? What former boyfr — ?

Half-statements don’t make it into official Rush Limbaugh transcripts, at least according to this passage on :

I wouldn’t make too many snap judgments here. I don’t understand why the media’s pretending to be so upset about these charges coming from Marianne. I mean, it’s all about sex and how many times are we told that somebody’s sex life, even if they’re president, doesn’t matter. It’s nobody’s business as long as it doesn’t affect the job. And how about all the sex stories from Obama’s former girlfriends? That’s right: What stories? What former girlfriends? In fact, have we ever found out anything about any of his students when he supposedly taught law at the University of Chicago or buddies at Harvard Law Review? I mean, we still don’t know anything. “Mr. Limbaugh, this is very clever of you trying to disguise the fact that Mr. Gingrich is...” No, I’m just reacting here.