Nothing personal, huh? (Ron Edmonds/Associated Press)

I did not mean a personal attack on Ms. Fluke.

If that’s the case, then Limbaugh stumbled into one of the most stunning accidents in the history of radio. Because on his own Web site you can find upward of 20 personal attacks on Sandra Fluke.

That’s a charitable counting, too. If you parse more carefully, it wouldn’t be too hard to push that number into the thirties. Whatever the exact tally, a dive into the archives exposes just what a stretch is Limbaugh’s disavowal of any intent to personally attack Fluke. It also points to one of the inadequacies of the media coverage: While most stories mention that Limbaugh called Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute,” they don’t detail just how exhaustively Limbaugh attacked her over three days. Following are quotes from his broadcast transcripts, posted on the Limbaugh Web site.

Wednesday :

1) Can you imagine, if you’re her parents, how proud of Sandra Fluke you would be? Your daughter goes up to a congressional hearing conducted by the Botox-filled Nancy Pelosi and testifies she’s having so much sex she can’t afford her own birth control pills and she agrees that Obama should provide them, or the Pope.

2) Sandra Fluke, one of the Butt Sisters, is being dragged out of law school by the hair. Wait ’til Rick Santorum hears about this. Wait ’til Gingrich hears about this! What do you think they’ll do? They’ll put a stop to this right away! They’ll head over that university and they’ll stop it!

They’ll spy on Sandra Fluke and interrupt her in mid-coitus, and then they’ll make ’em get married.

3) What does it say about the college co-ed Susan Fluke [sic], who goes before a congressional committee and says that she must be paid to have sex. What does that make her? It makes her a slut, right? It makes her a prostitute. She wants to be paid to have sex. She’s having so much sex she can’t afford the contraception.

4) Okay, so she’s not a slut. She’s “round heeled.” I take it back.

Thursday :

5) The reaction that they are having to what I said yesterday about Susan Fluke — or Sandra Fluke, whatever her name is — the Georgetown student who went before a congressional committee and said she’s having so much sex, she’s going broke buying contraceptives and wants us to buy them.

6) I said, what would you call someone who wants us to pay for her to have sex — what would you call that woman? You’d call them a slut, a prostitute.

7) The headline: “Sex-Crazed Co-Eds Going Broke Buying Birth Control, Student Tells Pelosi Hearing Touting Freebie Mandate — A Georgetown co-ed told Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s hearing that the women in her law school program are having so much sex that they’re going broke, so you and I should pay for their birth control.” Cybercast News Service. So what would you call that? So I called it what it is.

8) Why go before a congressional committee and demand that all of us — because they want to have sex any time, as many times and as often as they want, with as many partners as they want — should pay for it? Whatever, no limits on this. I mean, they’re going broke having to buy contraception!

9) Sandra Fluke reported to Pelosi: “It costs a female student $3,000 to have protected sex over the course of her three-year stint in law school, according to her calculations. ‘Without insurance coverage, contraception, as you know, can cost a woman over $3,000 during law school,’ Fluke told the hearing. . . . That’s a thousand dollars a year of sex — and, she wants us to pay for it.” Now, what does that make her? She wants us to buy her sex. She wants us to pay for her sex, and she went to a congressional committee to close the sale.

10) At $1 a condom, if she shops at CVS pharmacy’s Web site, that $3,000 would buy her 3,000 condoms, or a thousand of them a year. We’ve done all kinds of research on this. And what about these deadbeat boyfriends or random hookups that these babes are encountering here, having sex with nearly three times a day? While in law school.

11) Okay, so this is a law student at a congressional committee asking for us to pay for the things that make it possible for her to have sex.

Therefore we are paying her to have sex.

Therefore we are paying her for having sex.

We are getting screwed even though we don’t meet her personally!

12) Ms. Fluke, have you ever heard of not having sex?

13) So, if we’re gonna sit here, and if we’re gonna have a part in this, then we want something in return, Ms. Fluke: And that would be the videos of all this sex posted online so we can see what we are getting for our money.

14) Ms. Fluke, who bought your condoms in junior high?

15) Stop the tape. Courageous. Recue that to the top. Courageous, having so much sex she’s going broke at Georgetown Law. (laughing) Gosh, I love this.

16) Folks, for all the hilarity that’s contained in what’s going on here . . . here’s a woman exercising no self-control. The fact that she wants to have repeated, never-ending, as often as she wants it sex — given.

17) Did you notice in that sound bite Sheila Jackson Lee or Maria Cantwell or one of them talked about the strength that Sandra Fluke had to go before Congress, which is amazing. She’s having so much sex it’s amazing she can still walk, but she made it up there.

18) Do you realize at the end of the day what’s happening here? The Democrats are putting on parade a woman who is happily presenting herself as an immoral, baseless, no-purpose-to-her-life woman. She wants all the sex in the world, whenever she wants it, all the time. No consequences. No responsibility for her behavior.


19) Obama just called Sandra Fluke to make sure she was all right? Awwww. (kissing sound) That is so compassionate! What a great guy. The president called her to make sure she’s okay. What is she, 30 years old? Thirty years old, a student at Georgetown Law, who admits to having so much sex that she can’t afford it anymore.

20) Okay. Let me ask you a question. I might be surprised at the answer I would get to this question. Your daughter appears before a congressional committee and says she’s having so much sex, she can’t pay for it and wants a new welfare program to pay for it. Would you be proud? I don’t know about you, but I’d be embarrassed. I’d disconnect the phone. I’d go into hiding and hope the media didn’t find me. See, everybody forgets what starts this, or what started this whole thing. Or maybe they don’t! Maybe that’s normal behavior on the left now, for all I know.

21) So Pelosi arranges her own press conference for the woman, and the woman makes it clear (her name is Sandra Fluke) that she’s having so much sex, she can’t pay for it — and we should. She’s having so much sex, she can’t afford it.