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MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” today devoted a long segment to the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. The format allowed host Joe Scarborough to make a passionate appeal for unity:

Is it okay. Is it okay? I’m just curious. Is it okay for us to stop for a second and say even if we disagreed with some of George Bush’s policies and even if we disagree with some of Barack Obama’s policies in this area — which we do, and we’ve criticized both — is it okay to say, thank you Mr. President, thank you President Bush, thank you President Obama because while it was ugly and while we still disagree with a lot that this president has done and the last president’s done, we haven’t had another attack. And that is pretty damn remarkable. Remarkable work by the president, by the CIA, by the FBI, by New York City police.... Can we just stop today and thank President Bush and thank President Obama, thank our men and women in the CIA, the FBI and everybody who’s kept us safe for 11 years?

Yes, Joe, go ahead. But make it really quick, because your bosses and the bosses of other ideological media would like to get back to slanted and tendentious political coverage as quickly as possible. (h/t Mediaite)