Why didn’t the country’s media organizations take an immediate microscope to the Obama administration’s handling of the protests and attacks that struck U.S. interests and personnel in Egypt and Libya this week? Because of Mitt Romney, according to MSNBC host Joe Scarborough.

Romney got in the way of the media looking at the president, going, what what what happened here? How did this happen? Now, those questions are going to be asked in the coming weeks, but they weren’t asked in the first 24 hours because Romney was holding this horrific, irresponsible press conference.

No question that Romney, by the mere act of thrusting himself into a fast-moving international crisis, claimed the spotlight on Wednesday, whether you agreed or not with his conclusions that the Obama administration had apologized for American values and sympathized with its attackers.

Yet the notion that somehow Romney slowed down accountability journalism takes a beating under scrutiny. Plenty of questions about U.S. preparations and intelligence were being asked even as Twitter and cable news were lighting up in debate over whether Romney had acted rashly or heroically.

Figuring out whether top officials missed or ignored signals of impending troubles will indeed take some time. That very same evaluation of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, after all, is still proceeding.