Continuing with the fact-check on Project Veritas’s James O’Keefe: Clay Shirky was identified in O’Keefe’s latest video as an “NYT consultant.” The New York Times has said that he did not, in fact, serve as a consultant. The Erik Wemple Blogger asked Shirky whether he agreed with that New York Times:

I certainly take no issue with the Times on the question. My admiration for the Times knows no bounds, and, like most New Yorkers, I am not shy about expressing my opinion about what they should be doing. However, also like most New Yorkers, they have never paid me for those opinions.

In a fishing expedition, the Erik Wemple Blogger asked Shirky if he has any idea what could have prompted O’Keefe to make the “consultant” claim. Shirky couldn’t say: “Well, as for what makes O’Keefe say the things he says, that would be a question for him.”