The news from President Obama’s appearance on “The Daily Show”: The chief exec managed to wiggle out of accountability on the Benghazi attack. Only part of the blame rests with Jon Stewart, the comedian who attempted journalism on this pressing matter. He started out the Libya segment of the discussion with this question:

“There was confusion within the administration about what happened. Why? What was it that caused that confusion?”

Sidestepping that one posed little challenge for the president, who talked about how he wasn’t confused about the “fact that four Americans had been killed,” among other reliable talking points. “Every piece of information that get, as we got it, we laid it out for the American people,” said the president.

There needs to be a foolproof, airtight question to pose to this president about Benghazi, one that won’t allow for evasions. An attempt:

Who sent U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice to the Sunday talk shows on Sept. 16 to stress the importance of an anti-Muslim video in explaining the attacks, and why did that video play such an important role in administration accounts?

Not that such an inquiry has any hope of getting a direct response.