Howard Kurtz on yesterday’s “Reliable Sources” called it a “spectacle.” Guest Lauren Ashburn said it was an example of a brat going too far.

At issue, of course, was Piers Morgan’s performance earlier this week in front of an empty chair. Embattled congressman and senatorial hopeful Todd Akin had agreed to appear on Morgan’s CNN program, but the candidate didn’t show up. Morgan memorably and unprofanely derided Akin as a ”gutless little twerp.”

Ashburn scolded Morgan as being a “bratty little schoolboy....Why the language? Why the name-calling?”


1) That’s what they say in Britain (as Morgan explained);

2) “Gutless little twerp” is poetic, fun and so hokey as to be non-insulting;

3) CNN shows need a bit more of this kind of talk;

4) If you cannot cast colorful ad hominem judgments about people on cable TV, where can you?