(Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg)

Politico seems tired of politics. Maggie Haberman, one of the outlet’s key campaign reporters, wrote in June that the 2012 campaign is the “smallest ever.” Now she’s quoted in what appears to be a follow-up story, also in Politico, about how reporters can’t stand covering this race: “People are feeling grateful that it’s almost over,” she tells colleague Dylan Byers.

The piece carries laments from other political journalists, their feelings anchored to a gripe by New York Times Magazine’s chief national correspondent Mark Leibovich that there’s no joy out there. “Until the candidates restore joy, it’s impossible for us to be joyful,” Chuck Todd of NBC News tells Politico. Funny — when I talked to Todd about his vice-president scoop, he sounded pretty happy.

It’s an unfortunate byproduct of the boom in media-on-media journalism that reporters’ happy-hour gripes find their way into articles. If things are so bad, reporters, then quit. Or petition for a reassignment. How many of these complainers have asked to be taken off of the race and placed on the transpo beat? And was politics full of substance and thoughtfulness when they first got in the game?