CORRECTION: The Hill has issued a correction stating that it had confused the remarks of Sen. Kyl with another official. Here’s the statement from The Hill:


We have concluded that in a story headlined “GOP Leaders Fret About State Party Structures” [August 27] the quotations from Sen. Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) and former Rep. Vin Weber (R-Minn.) were mistakenly swapped. The record has been corrected and The Hill apologizes to the Senator and Mr. Weber. The reporter responsible has been suspended pending further review.

This blog also apologizes, because the post below clearly sides with The Hill’s version of events.

ORIGINAL STORY: It appears that Arizona Republican Sen. Jon Kyl may not have been leveling with Fox News yesterday. On a segment of the Fox show “Happening Now,” Kyl point-blank denies having uttered a quote that was printed in The Hill. The exchange between Kyl and Fox’s Jenna Lee explains the scenario:

One of the things that you just told The Hill is quite telling about how you feel about the state of the Republican Party within your state of Arizona. You say, “I wish I could tell you we were doing well right now — we’re not. Ron Paul has totally taken our [state] party over.” Tell us more about that. Why do you feel that way?

Here’s how Kyl handled that one:

I did not say that. And he has not taken the Republican Party over.

That’s rather definitive. Definitively wrong, if we are to believe a posting on the Web site of The Hill as of minutes ago. Unless The Hill is really devious and proficient in audio ma­nipu­la­tion, Kyl may want to explain some discrepancies. Check out the recording:

A fine listening experience. Not only did Kyl say EXACTLY the controversial statement that The Hill quoted, but he also tacked on this stuff:

His folks have taken half of our party, the result of which we are split down the middle, totally ineffective, screwed up...

Waiting on a call back from the Kyl camp.

UPDATE: Kyl spokesman Joe Hack says the audiotape buttresses Kyl’s denial: The quote about Ron Paul taking over the party, says Hack, does not come from Kyl but from another speaker.