A Ceremonial Resolution

To lament the passing of the New York Times Week in Review section, which on June 26, 2011 yielded to a successor section, the Sunday Review.

WHEREAS “Wait Wait...Don’t Tell Me” is a feature that belongs on the radio and nowhere else;

WHEREAS labels indicating “News Analysis” and “Opinion” are fussy and insulting to readers’ intelligence and do nothing to resolve the frustration that Times editors said they felt over the former “geographic division” between these two forms in the Week in Review;

WHEREAS the font size for those little writer bios isn’t appropriate for the demographic that pays for newspapers;

WHEREAS there are no Jay Leno jokes;

WHEREAS clever illustrations are glorious but needn’t occupy three-quarters of a broadsheet page;

WHEREAS hey, who outside the Times building was clamoring for a product that “reinvents, reimagines and reorganizes the Week in Review”?;

WHEREAS the Week in Review reviewed the week, and the Sunday Review doesn’t even review Sunday: Now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED that the Erik Wemple blog calls on the New York Times to reinstate the Week in Review, effective next Sunday.