Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert rips the new USA Today logo and the contention of the paper’s publisher, Larry Kramer, that the design would be every bit as “dynamic as the news itself.” The comedic riff obsesses over the fact that the logo is simply a circle, one that can be dressed up and adapted to fit news themes. Colbert: “When news breaks that’s circular in nature, the USA Today will be all over it, folks. Whether it be about planets, tractor tires, the Wheel of Fortune, pizzas, bagels, pizza bagels... Although if SpongeBobSquarePants ever chokes on a Dorito at the Pentagon, you won’t read about it in USA Today.”

Funny, yes, but also cheap and easy. USA Today is a 30-year-old product with a brand-new look. No matter what design it adopted, it was going to get hammered.This year, the Associated Press changed its musty, old logo, prompting a negative response from this blog. Months later, that new AP look is starting to appeal. Lesson: Give redesigns an amnesty of at least a couple of months. Then judge.