Just heard from Village Voice Editor in Chief Tony Ortega that management has reached an agreement with the union representing its workers. As reported previously here, Voice employees were getting 100 percent of their monthly premium paid by management.

Another perk: They were also members of a Cadillac plan that was separate from the one serving the other workers in the Village Voice Media chain. Here’s a statement from Ortega on how things ended up:

Done deal. You can quote me: Our number one concern was that the Voice employees join the same healthcare plan as the rest of the company. Their top concern seemed to be that VVM continue to pay their health premiums. Both of those things happened, and I’m really glad to say we have another three-year contract.

Graham A. Rayman, a Voice staff writer and union spokesperson, said: “We have reached a tentative agreement that is going to be presented to the membership for their approval in the morning.”

Rayman said he could not discuss the terms until the offer has been presented to union members.

The employees had threatened to strike and even set up an alternate Web site to host their content in such an event.