Second in a series of posts on the Republican Party of Virginia’s massive slam on PolitiFact Virginia.

When your organization publishes an enormous screed against another organization, clearly you’ve reached a breaking point. And so that’s what has happened with the Republican Party of Virginia, which recently issued an 86-page report on the alleged biases of PolitiFact Virginia. Along with the magnum opus comes a new policy: The party organ pledges not to return calls from PolitiFact Virginia’s prying reporters, who work for the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

The GOP policy on PolitiFact Virginia comes down from the party cell’s executive director, Dave Rexrode: “Our staff will no longer be working with PolitiFact,” he says.

Prior to implementing this policy, which took effect this week, the state party responded to PolitiFact requests for information “on deadline,” Rexrode says. But he no longer sees the point of doing so: “We don’t feel that PolitiFact is of benefit to the people of Virginia, so we will refrain from participating,” he says.

How long could the freeze-out last? “As long as I’m at the party,” says Rexrode. That could be years.

Rick Thornton, the Times-Dispatch’s vice president for audience and content development, says that the party’s policy won’t deter his people: “From our standpoint, we’re going to keep asking questions,” he says.

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