Last week at the Democratic National Convention, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi denied hitting the mute button on her office phone while President Obama was monologuing during stimulus discussions, as author Bob Woodward alleged in his new book, “The Price of Politics.”(Updated to better reflect what Woodward reported.)

“Well, that didn’t happen,” Pelosi said at a Politico event at the convention. She elaborated:

It’s a formal situation. It’s history. Every call is history. And so, I usually, perhaps because I might need a resource there but mostly I clear the room and I take notes. . . . But the president’s not a person who’s long on the phone, so that whole basic premise is . . . .

Bob Woodward, your reporting is being challenged, or at least it sounds that way. What say you?

“Look, if you look at what she said, it’s a classic non-denial denial,” says Woodward, crediting a commentator with drawing that very conclusion.