Sean Hannity says the liberal media tilted the playing field in favor of President Obama. No surprise there. Bob Woodward, famous author and longtime Washington Postie, differs. No surprise there.

Surprise here: Woodward says that people “close to Romney” just — poof! — “showed up” at his house a couple of weeks ago and “said they had somebody in a very sensitive position in the U.S. government who’s willing to meet with me and get me information about Benghazi.”

What happened, Woodward? “Appointments were broken, the guy didn’t show up, he finally showed up, and he didn’t have anything where he had any firsthand knowledge, he said you ought to talk to this person and that person and so forth, so people are digging into it.”

For future reference, Woodward’s examples of good mainstream (MSM) campaign coverage:

1) MSM “hammered” Obama for bad outing at first debate;

2) Fact-checkers, including The Post’s Glenn Kessler, did a “great job” holding the president accountable;

3) MSM nailed the president every time negative economic news emerged.

Hannity conceded point No. 2, but that’s about it. The president was so obviously blown out in the first debate that spin was impossible, he suggested. And on the economic front, Hannity wanted clearer discussion by the media of the labor participation rate.