An interesting reversal highlighted by Media Matters: Stuart Varney of Fox Business appears impressed with the “hard evidence”—coming from a new study in the journal Science—that polar ice sheets are melting “faster than ever before.” This from a guy in January who said the following things about the topic:

*”I am sick and tired of having my life messed with by the global warming fanatics.”

*”Al Gore, you’ve made a ton of money with your scare tactics, now please be quiet.”

*”There has been no warming for the last decade, and the warming projections from the United Nations have simply not been accurate.”

*”My children have been taught a lie in school. CO2s will not kill them.”

*”If you dare to speak the truth about this scientific conspiracy, then you’re just a denier.”

‘Course, Varney didn’t use the findings in Science to spur a discussion about how his views on climate change may be evolving. He used them to spur a panel conversation of something even more frightful than climate change. A carbon tax, that is.