Bill O’Reilly, in his latest installment decrying the War on Christmas, trashes Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee for allowing the decorative tree in the Rhode Island statehouse to be called merely a “holiday tree.” As O’Reilly rants about the the dumping of tradition, Chafee notes that years ago, kids had to recite the Lord’s Prayer in public schools. Once that practice got struck down, Chafee noted, people were outraged, not unlike the way people are outraged over “holiday tree.” Not buying that argument, O’Reilly, once again, charged ahead with his argument that the Christmas tree was a secular symbol. When O’Reilly finally chucked his talking points and insisted to Chafee that “you know I’m right,” Chafee remarked, “No, your show—Fox News, you guys are too angry. You’re the angry network.”