Benched! (Carlos Osorio – Associated Press)

MSNBC President Phil Griffin hasn’t forgotten about the pre-Thanksgiving study by the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism. The study essentially lumped MSNBC and Fox News into a partisan lump of equivalency, saying that prior to the presidential election both networks amped up preferential coverage for their ideological soulmates. At the time, Griffin lashed out, saying that Fox led the cheers for Mitt Romney while MSNBC did honest political analysis mixed with, yes, programs with a progressive tilt.

Now Griffin is feeling vindicated. New York magazine’s Gabriel Sherman yesterday reported that Fox producers who wish to place Karl Rove or Dick Morris on-air must get “permission” to put them on.

Aha, says Griffin. “If you’re looking for evidence that the Pew study is inaccurate, take a look at what just happened. MSNBC does have a point of view but was honest and accurate about what was going on with the election. Fox was dishonest and misleading in their analysis and now benching two of their key contributors,” notes Griffin.

For those who don’t obsess over the lowlights of cable news, both men are longtime campaign operatives. Morris predicted a Mitt Romney landslide several times on Fox News; Karl Rove appeared unwilling to accept that Ohio had gone for President Obama during Fox News’s election night coverage.