is promoting the footage above of Fox News contributor Steven Crowder getting “punched multiple times by pro-union protesters” in Michigan today, according to the site. Crowder is depicted asking a protester, “What is it about right to work that you oppose so much?” The man launches into an attack on freeloading.

Then Crowder stakes out a position in favor of a tent behind him. “You’ve already destroyed one tent. Leave the tent alone,” he implores a man, who then tells him to back off in very colorful terms. Beatings ensue.

According to, Crowder will be featured on tonight’s “Hannity” to discuss the confrontations. One good question for Sean Hannity: What tent was Crowder sticking up for? Mediaite reported earlier today that protesters had torn down a tent sponsored by the conservative group Americans for Prosperity. Perhaps Crowder was referring to a different tent in his tilt with the protesters.