Barbara Walters’s six-minute interview with Hillary Rodham Clinton springs from some puffy earth: “Barbara Walters’ 10 Most Fascinating People.” Under such a banner, viewers don’t expect tough questions, and on that front at least, Walters doesn’t disappoint.

Walters: You’re leaving at the height of your career. Why are you leaving?

Walters: Are you exhausted?

Walters: How many miles have you traveled? How many places have you visited?
Have you figured that out yet?

Walters: What most people are asking now about you is, will you consider running for president in 2016? Would you just like to make your declaration now and we could just conclude this interview?

Walters: You know your husband wants you to run in 2016. What do you say to him?

Walters: Let’s give you three months. What would it take to convince you to run in 2016?

Walters: Will [your next gig] be political?

Walters: Is your age a concern to you?

Walters: You know, we look at the Middle East and it’s still such unrest. What worries you the most?

Walters: If you could do one thing before you left … what would it be? In your dreams?

Walters: Do you think President Obama can [foster Middle East peace] in his second term?

Walters: So I have to ask you this very personal question: Your hair?

Walters: Do you have a philosophy by which you live?

Clinton responses omitted on account of low news value. When you’re asked a mixed of softball and oft-repeated questions, news doesn’t commonly result.